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How to Use Cushion Foundation Like A Pro

by Haruka Jifuku 01 Mar 2024 0 Comments

How to Use Cushion Foundation Like A Pro

How to Use Cushion Foundation Like A Pro

Isn't it incredible how cushion foundation has carved its own niche in the beauty market, promising flawless skin with ease? But here's the thing – do we really know how to use it to its full potential? Today, we're diving deep into the world of cushion foundation application. Get ready to be guided like a pro through the steps to achieve your dreamy, radiant complexion without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to makeup woes and hello to effortless beauty – let's get glowing!

Why Cushion Foundation?

  • Easy & Quick Application

Cushion foundation often eliminates the need for primer or concealer, allowing you to achieve your ideal skin with just a cushion foundation alone. Simply apply cushion foundation to your skin after skincare, and your base makeup is complete, making it perfect for busy mornings!

  • Moisturising Effect

Cushion foundations contain a high water content, ensuring hydration throughout the day, and preventing skin dryness. Many products also are enriched with moisturising and skincare ingredients that keep your skin hydrated during the day.

  • Convenient for Touch-Ups

Due to their high water content, you can easily apply a cushion foundation to the skin, creating a moisturised complexion reminiscent of freshly applied makeup. When touching up your makeup, you can simply use cushion foundation to add some extra coverage and even out the texture where it’s needed.

How to Apply Cushion Foundation

  1. Use small amount

When putting on a cushion foundation, start by putting some foundation on the puff - just about one-third of it! Don't take too much, or your skin might feel too covered. After you've foundation on the puff, gently tap it on the back lid before using it on your face. This helps you get a more natural look with a thin layer of foundation.

  1. Apply while tapping

To apply the cushion foundation correctly, remember to gently tap the puff instead of sliding it. Tapping helps the foundation settle into pores and uneven areas, resulting in smooth, well-adhered skin.

When putting on a cushion foundation, begin with the cheeks, move outward and apply firm taps where you need coverage and gentle taps for a natural look. For the nostrils, fold the puff and tap lightly with your fingers to ensure better adhesion. 

  1. Finishing

To finish, softly tap your entire face using the clean part of the puff to enhance adhesion and avoid smudging.

If there are areas where the foundation seems thin or you want extra coverage, apply another layer. For this, take around one-fourth of the cushion foundation onto the puff, blend it with the back lid, and then apply it to your skin for a seamless, natural look.

★When you feel like the foundation is running low, try flipping the cushion over to use the foundation that has sunk underneath, preventing any waste.

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