A'PIEU Strawberry Milk Mask (Brightening)
Infused with Strawberry Extract (fantastic source of Vitamin C) and Milk Extract - this mask brightens, nourishes and evens out complexion. The Pearl Extract in the formula contains high concentration of antioxidants, amino acids and minerals that are highly moisturising, brightening and beneficial for the...
A'PIEU Green Tea Milk Mask (Soothing)
Infused with Green Tea Extract and Milk Extract - this mask deeply hydrates and soothes irritated or sensitive skin. The Witch Hazel Extract is also a powerful ingredient present in the mask which helps balance oil in the skin and has excellent...
A'PIEU Coffee Milk Mask (Firming)
Infused with coffee, milk extract, and hydrolyzed collagen - this mask gives tired skin a radiant glow, fights aging and provides deep hydration, making the skin feel firmer and smoother.   Ingredients Star Ingredients -  Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract (antioxidant, moisturising, skin...
A'PIEU Pure Block Daily Sun Cream - SPF45 PA+++ (50ml)
This hydrating SPF45+ sunscreen is extremely lightweight, spreading easily and leaves zero residue on the skin, leaving your skin matte and smooth all day. The sunscreen contains Watermelon extract, Flower and Fruit Extracts as well as Aloe Vera, which moisturises...
A’PIEU Juicy Pang Water Blusher (5 Colours) - CR02
These pigmented blushes have a watery texture that spreads and blends seamlessly into the skin, giving your cheeks a dewy natural colour. Each shade can be layered to achieve the desired pigment. #PK02: A sweet raspberry shade #PK03: A pinkish...
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A'PIEU Raspberry Hair Vinegar (200ml)
A must-have for a healthy scalp environment, which will in return give you silky soft hair that is fully nourished. This treatment contains Vinegar that is a key ingredient to gently exfoliating and cleansing off the excess buildup in the...
A’PIEU Chocolate Milk Mask (Smoothing)
Soaked in a milky essence that is packed with milk protein and Cocoa Extract, this mask smooths the skin’s texture by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, revealing brighter, softer and clearer skin. The formula...
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A'PIEU Hyaluthione Soonsoo Daily Sheet Mask (33pcs)
Quench your skin’s thirst with this intensely hydrating sheet mask pack (33pcs) formulated with 5 layers of hyaluronic acid! These masks will instantly hydrate your skin, and leave it plump, smooth and firm. You can use these sheet masks daily...
A'PIEU Madecassoside Hand Cream (40ml)
This hand cream is made with madecassoside, a natural component of Centella Asiatica. It improves skin smoothness, inhibits inflammation, and deeply hydrates the skin. It is not greasy and is great for people with easily irritable skin. Ingredients Star Ingredients - Niacinamide, Madecassoside,Ceramide...
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